The McCabe Family

The McCabe’s love to travel together. Kaitlyn has been encouraging the family about taking a “big” road trip for years. The McCabe Family is setting out for an adventure that will take us more than 3,000 miles across 10 states over 8 days.

Shawn traveled across Canada last year for the healthcare company he owns and travels frequently to Toronto. Ro and Shawn take as many spontaneous trips as possible. They frequently travel to Las Vegas and have recently visited Boston, Nashville, Toronto, New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Minneapolis, Hershey, Disney World (Orlando), and Turtle Lake, Canada where her family has a beautiful lake house.

Ro and Shawn highly value the spontaneity of last-minute travel and the excitement it affords; as well as the deals. Shawn saw a Facebook ad for a Vegas hotel one recent afternoon and simply asked Ro if she’d like to have dinner in Las Vegas. By the time Ro got home from work, Shawn had used Google Flight Search to book relatively low-cost tickets on Frontier Airline and a found a great deal at The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. For the cost of a couple nice dinner dates, they spent the weekend making memories in Las Vegas.

Carter and Kaitlyn roll their eyes when Shawn takes pictures of everyone’s dinner or when he posts seemingly non-stop pictures to social media about what the family is doing. But the whole family recognizes that this hobby, if not a habit, has created a wonderful “journal” of family memories and has connected the McCabe’s to a world of unbelievable opportunity. The family often finds themselves on amazing adventures, behind-the-scenes scenarios, and up-close and personal with amazing people, community leaders, incredible businesses, and luxurious hotels, celebrity chefs and more. Each are continually thankful for the opportunities and the memories created. Thankful and grateful. They often laugh among themselves and shrug with near disbelief, “Well…we’re the McCabe’s”.

It’s with this passion for adventure, the desire to go big at every opportunity, and a gracious attitude that they can make the very best of any scenario together as a family, that they decided to create this travel journal and to connect with the finest sponsors, partners, and affiliates in the travel space. The McCabe’s will have an extraordinary road trip: The McCabe Family 2020 East West Summer Vacation.

Michael Shawn McCabe is a 41 year old entrepreneur. He is the President of McCabe Media LLC, an award-winning marketing agency, and is Partner of The Marskell Group LLC, North America’s largest healthcare career fair. Shawn was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated with a degree in sociology from Miami University.

Rochelle McCabe is a 30 year old logistics coordinator with a billion dollar freight brokerage firm. Ro grew up in Virginia, MN and has a Bachelor’s degree in performing arts.

Kaitlyn McCabe is a 14 year old honors student, a double in two traveling show choirs, and recently recorded her first debut album. Learn more about Kaitlyn at

Carter McCabe is a 12 year old honor student, who performs in a traveling show choir, a YouTuber, an aviation and racing enthusiast, a truly talented comedian, and a skillful gamer.

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ from Shawn, Ro, Kaitlyn & Carter to all of our sponsors, partners, and affiliates. Interested in learning how you can partner with The McCabe’s? Click for Sponsor Information.